“When you act like a commodity, you will be treated like one”

Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi

PR & Media
Hedhntz recognises that commodity should in fact become....


Thanks to the support and guidance of the industry leading partners, we identified strategies and processes that would help build a strong brand rather than just a commodity. That strategy was to maintain the hunger for growth and progress and to maintain the understanding that, alike the clientele we are privileged to support, our organisational culture must also be conducive to innovation, continual improvement and trend monitoring.


Any PR business, executive or new social media influencer recognises that, without differentiation or authenticity, they would remain nondescript and fade into the background. Our experienced agents are inspired daily by the uniqueness of the key national, local, online media influencers, journalists and bloggers. As a result, we have built some excellent relationships, which allows us to present clientele with a more holistic approach to their entire PR and media relations platforms.


We understand that a campaign is nothing without the business or the individual’s impeccable reputation. We strive to become your network’s news savvy agent whose sole aim is to focus on maintaining the good reputation of your brand in the media. To achieve that, we offer full operational consultancy for corporate, consumer, lifestyle, technology, health, financial, media and marketing, political and public affairs brands.


When you think of a commodity, you typically think of a product or service. For a commodity’s audience, the most compelling consideration (and sometimes the only one) is price. However, we are not building a commodity but a unique brand, one that is audience-orientated and driven by passionate people who can then inspire passionate followers. A brand that understands that the organisation’s most valuable asset is their people who become their brand ambassadors. Eventually, the brand becomes your trusted partner by delivering a consistent experience across all channels over time.