“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time”

David Allan Coe

Construction & Property
Hedhntz adheres to four fundamental principles

Health & Safety

Health & Safety is the core of any process or research we are involved in. It is the  foundation to long lasting business relationships. We encourage our staff and partners to think differently, share and utilise their knowledge, opinions and ideas. After all, knowledge, openness, honesty and transparency lead us to designing a robust and progressive stance on Health & Safety.


We are committed to supporting you in achieving the highest possible environmental results for each project, remembering that cost effective, efficient delivery is required in today’s climate. For those reasons, we assess and gain a full understanding of your company’s culture and exact needs prior to the project commencement. We work around the clock, striving to become your trusted advisor and partner during the entire project lifecycle.


We believe that innovative vision and design are at the heart of every project!  We use an extensive pool of highly recommended construction professionals as a strategic design tool to tackle major societal challenges, drive innovation and improve the quality of the built environment.


We are energetic and passionate about how our future is created in this fast-paced industry. We work together to bring the best, safest and the market’s most reliable executives to our clientele. The ultimate goal is to cultivate the community, to disrupt the complexities and nuances of the current industry and to eventually own the future.