“I Don't Do Fashion. I Am Fashion”

Coco Chanel

Fashion & Retail
Hedhntz is


In fashion, a timeless statement is everything. To make this happen, we believe that having a boutique approach to the research process, in order to create a masterpiece connection between the individual and the unique brand is key. We work very closely with our partners to ensure we find a mutually perfect fit. This is the ultimate statement we strive for and, ultimately, how our clients will remember us.


We understand the various nuances of the luxury industry. We also recognise that time and trust are highly valuable commodities. This is why our commitment to excellence ensures that only truly made to measure processes result in building long-term business relationships with our stellar clientele.


We live by the maxim that style is all about detail. In today’s fast-paced world, a customer’s attention is fleeting. This is why we are accustomed to providing a detail focused executive research and selection service, offering business opportunities across a range of today’s leading high fashion brands and leading contemporary designer labels.


We never underestimate the power of personality and flair, meaning we are regularly looking for crowd breaking fashionistas during industry related events. Drawing from an unparalleled pool of exceptionally groomed models, actors and exquisite retail professionals, we constantly look for the hidden gems that you need to help your organisation and brand grow.